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Sunday, October 11, 2009

promos are over!
suddenly lost a goal.
i also dunno why.
have been sleeping a lot lately
but still feel quite tired.

D&D caused me quite a lot of trouble.
shall not talk about it
since is unhappy stuff.

hope i can be promoted!

recenty ate too much
have been feeling bloated.
hate this feeling

anyway, new week, new feeling.

Smile always | 7:21 PM

Sunday, August 16, 2009

my time has been so packed recently that im going home after the sun sets.
that's pretty sad. and this has caused my rashes to act up again :(
got into D&D comm - Prog comm. quite a lot of things to be done.
i must admit that im not a good ic. cant b decisve at times.
hope this experience will make me a better person - to be more decisive and give better instructions.

after getting into D&D, life somewhat changed.
time becomes more precious to me.
24 hrs - school, homework, tuition, council (marketing), D&D, check mails EVERYDAY, eat, sleep, tv, rest.
i have been compromising my sleep, tv, rest - total less that 6hrs. that's pathetic.
homework- done nil for 1 WHOLE week.
im a goner.
want to head towards goal of mugger, a least do some revision/homework a day.

well, really busy and tired these days.
chionged my EoM last week jus before the national day celebration until 3+ am. super tired and woke up like a zombie next day.
didn touch any tutorials, lecture notes to revise at all.
like dead.
i dun want to get retain.
i want to stay in council.
i dun want to owe tutorials.
i want to be alert in lectures and tutorials.
have to realy manage my time really well.
24 hrs a day is seriously not enough for ppl like me.

luckily, my pw group is very nice and efficient.
i didn do much for the newest wr. feel a bit guilty.
i love my pw grp! nice and understanding people(:

tired. wants quality AND quantity sleep.

Smile always | 6:48 PM

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

too much things have happened in this one month..
too busy? too happening.
after AB camp abt a week plus, had a commanche bbq at chin hao's place.
had fun!
first time finishing almost all the food. haas(:
went home quite late though.
of cos, lectures during june hols.
an essential part of school life.
not forgetting the long-time commitment, PW,
another important part of JC life.
june hols, a good time to have gatherings.
nonetheless, didn have any with 4i. kinda expected though.
but yet, met up with a few frens(:
and we acted super chinese. lols.
prepare for MYCT.
the super mugging portion.
read thru notes, do tutorials, burning mid-night oil and sleeping late into the afternoon, going to be a geek!
well, that's part of JC life too i guess...
didn remember myself studying so hard for O' levels
well well well.....
practiced lots of maths, though couldn do some qn, but still feel kinda accomplished(:
vj's postponed 1 week later. lucky kw.
didn do well for myct.
failed all subjects but didn feel very sad for math cos i would have done worse without those practice that i've done over the nights.
math, not so sad, but a bit mad with myself for the blindness and careless while expanding.
bio was okay, a bit of careless and naq (not answering the question), caused me to lose some marks, or i would have passed. lol.
chem, super duper careless. shaded wrong circle on OAS, caused me to lose a mark. also my sf/dp. drats.
econs was disappointing, even my teacher says so.
could have scored better.
but well, it's over and time to work hard for the promos!!!
have to work very hard for all my subs!
i want to get promoted to J2 and stay in council!! (:
so tired recently. didn get much sleep.
stayed up late to do stuff, like PW and tutorials, was lagging behind.
had investiture rehearsal on one saturday, arranged for a commanche lunch, but i didn want to wait for 3 hrs cos council was the earliest slot and the class leaders the latest, which may end abt 12 plus, 1 plus??
so i went home, sleep!
didn slp much though, trying to read my chem notes before doing the tutorial cos i forgot totally what the chpt was abt. bad memory.
had a busy week.
didn have cca for the past weeks due to H1N1.
2 of my classmates' family members were suspected of H1N1. like shocking huh...
the more shocking thing is that both of them were in my pw grp. *oh yea?!*
so left me with dorcas to review interview qn on fri.
suddenly, we had this bright light bulb in our head. *ting*
had a great idea to put it in our interview. (:
completed and ready to send for vetting! (:
hoo! yea!!(:
cos of pw, i didn had lunch. didn ate anything from 7am till 3pm.
didn feel as hungry while all the lectures,tutorials,practicals,pw, are going on..dunno why.
after pw, suddenly so hungry. my stomach finally wake up from its sleep. lol.
then went to buy food at amk hub, cos school canteen alr closed at 330pm when we left sku.
on the way home met ko in 88 bus unexpectedly. haa(:
super tired when i reach home, and slept a while.
didn hv energy to do EoM due on mon.
hais..somemore i went out last sat with mum from morn to late evening, of cos not enuf sleep.
but was nice going out with mum though.
had nice vegetarian food, walked in the Hort Park to Mount Faber through Henderson bridge, and a few places which i dun noe the name, and finally to harbourfront! whoo hoo!
hvn walked so much after night ex of AB camp. though is like about 1/10 of the distance.
went avcc on sun morning. i was early. haha (:
had breakfast there with the avcc yec.
i took orders an inpromptu thing which i didn expect i would be the one doing it.
and eveyone had food! (:
不愧当了3年的refreshment i/c
haa(: experienced refreshment i/c.
self-praise. lol. im thick-skinned.
completed EoM.
i did it till 230am. slept till 6am n went sku. super tired. but finally, it's done!! (:
had not a good sleep for a long time.
still slept quite late, and thus, little, this week.
checking mails and stuff, didn do much work. sad.
i got into D&D ad hoc.
whoo hoo!
big event.
22july 2009, 1400 to 1615.
a memorable investiture.
more than those i've been thru in secondary school.
very touching and it's a nice experience.
the 26th SC has been thru so much before getting the "councillor" badge
i believe all 39 of us will cherish it and continue the legacy of 25th.
we've a big step to go before we'll be as good as our seniors
jiayou 26th!!


Smile always | 9:59 PM

Friday, June 12, 2009

1, 2, 3, ........., 15! full strength! haha(:
AB camp 09- 5 days 4 nights. LAC & AJC.

first 2 days [o1o6o9 &o2o6o9] - ppl are not used to the camp, feels rather sucky.
realised that there are a lot of selfish ppl ard.
got pumped. not as much as elects' camp.
didn know much of the ppl in my grp except for 4- 1 is my class leader, 1 is my ex classmate, 2 from council. (that's considered a lot i guess.)
played games, eat together, facilitation, do almost everything together in that 5 days and know more abt each other.
was rather enlightened at some stuff during the course of 5 days.
there are all sorts of people in the world and is not possible to be nice to everyone, cos sometimes ppl may not even recognise ur efforts. n there are all sorts of weird and funny people ard... etc etc.

3rd day [o3o6o9]- things are turning to the brighter side.
went for day expedition at kent ridge and we had to find our way there with a map.
good thing i wasn the navigator then, or else commanche sure lose our way (cos i duno how to read a map until......)
got to kent ridge park. was drizzling. wore poncho, feels wet, sticky, humid, warm.
yuck! (since camps are suppose to make u smell "nice".. lol)
played a few games, we didn keep our promise we made earlier, instructors were unhappy abt it, but then we made efforts to keep it till the end eventually.
sandcastle @ east coast park! woohoo!!
built a sandcastle with half strength (cos there are 2 structures to be built)
was benson's bday too(:
he got super super high!
loads n loads of jokes and laughter during the lunch break we had.
nice sandcastle building experience despite a lil unhappiness in between.
nice weather that complements it.
feels very accomplished completing the structure within abt 2 hrs.
i wrote 'non mihi solum' on the structure - received some compliments- feels excited and accomplished. hehe(:
people were very nice and patient to me then, cos the words are rather tough to carve it out nicely..
took photos with the castles(: sadly i dun have them, cos we are not allowed to have out phones with us):
had an unhappy night on o3o6o9 ):
super pissed off that day with quite a number of stuff.
didn want to talk to anybody and my enthu totally vanished.
but had a rather good talk with ziying.
was more pissed than ever when ppl dun cooperate for SL prep.
took me a long while to chill. (thanks ppl for not talking to me while im pissed)

day 4 [o4o6o9]- SL day.
a lot of things happened- happy and unhappy.
SL was a great success! kids from AMK FSC were very happy with the games played.
they were rather cooperative and nice, cute bunch of kids jus that they were really hyperactive.
thanks to dylan and benson, who had their ways with kids esp dylan.
apache and commanche had made this a great success! (:
some hiccups during the lunch break.
shall not mention it. feels sorry for what has happened. i can understand the feeling of it. cos i have encountered it.
overall, it's still a good job done for SL! (:
had an emotional workshop. learnt a few stuff.
understand more on how to control emotions. (gals are bad at this)
rest time before the real challenge- night expedition!

nice experience for night expedition!
i was super super high, like ultimate highness!
felt rather a chore to keep asking permission for this and that, but well, we had fun time doing that too, dont we?
set off from AJ at abt 2200.
first few checkpoints are all the places i know. haaa(:
despite the fact that i cnt read a map.
met with a small accident outside amk hub- motorist w cabbie.
luckily, it's very minor.
got to be navigator with benson.
he taught me how to read a map. (so nice..)(see, i learnt how to read a map! the fruitful learning outcome of AB camp!)
i knew the way to the checkpoints jus that i cnt follow a map, until i got to know how to read it.
so happy and enthu!
took a rest & toilet break at petrol kiosk- super gross.
all the way to woodleigh, chged navigator.
walked at the back with qin jie, shen wei etc, etc..
nice talking while navigators are busy looking at the map, leading us to the correct route.
quite eerie if i were to walk alone at woodleigh, where we passed by a columbarium..
maris stella high was ard there. cedar used to be there too..so scary..wonder how the guys go home at night, if they were to stay late.
played games. quite fun. all abt trust. cool game.
walk walk walk...someone knocked her head on the lamp post. must be too tired.
we started to look out for each other, protecting and alerting for the lamp posts..
quite a hazzle, cos s'pore has toooo much lamp posts on the streets.
walk walk walk, benson started singing...some others are too tired.
hard to talk to them, cos they're half awake n very diff to make them high although we have glucose drink. hehe(:
lots of laughter on the way(:
i was super high and enthu until i started to b a road marshal with shen wei.
realised road marshal is a rather tough job- run run run to help look out for traffic.
panting until i didn have breath to talk to shen wei, that's when i became low...and chong hui became high.argh.missed that fun opportunity.
tired. esp legs. we sat down everywhere we could. near pedestrain crossing, outside petrol kiosk, busstop, any ground.. like yea, super suan.
generally all of us feel that our legs gonna break soon.
ate some oreo.benson became a lil high again. haha(:
continue walking n eating n talking, to keep awake.
i was getting high again.boost from the glucose drink!
going to reach destination, played a last game, which i played at elects' camp too. so council elects are not supposed to talk.
completed the game, took much longer than we took in elects' camp cos brain half dead.
facilitation- so funny. some fall aslp during facilitation, some talking nonsensically, all sorts of funny stuff appear. (the true agenda of night expedition)
walked a super far route to ECP. victoria school was nowhere to be found on the map, like weird.lol. creepy huh?
i was the navigator again, cos i was most awake with benson.
i walked super fast, cos i wanted to reach there before 0630. benson keep asking me to slow down n i didn realise that ppl could catch up with me, sorry ppl.
in the end, we reached ECP, bedok jetty, on time- punctual- 0630!
it doesn matter if we are the last to reach despite we're the first to leave AJ cos we had fun, quite a lot of breaks (as compared with some grps) in the 24km course.

day 5- reached ECP-bedok jetty.
mission accomplished!
proud of commanche that we finished the course tgt(:
nice breeze in the morning, rested a while before fall in. had cadbury boost! - thanks chin hao!(:
had breakfast and headed back to sch-on bus. slpt throughout! heard that i have funny slping pose n was like a dead log. couldn imagine how much energy i tapped to stay high throughout the 8++hr course.
took a nice shower and an hr sleep before grad ceremony, lunch and subway!!
benson got his bday card.so sweet right?
got presents from SIs- balloons, cards, candles. (other grps are jealous)
before subway, we had elects' meeting to announce the exco members.
subway @ bishan. waited for SIs. joked a lot, quite noisy bunch of ppl haha(:
bought a present for chin hao. had a lot of fun and funny stuff at subway. (other grps are jealous)
after few hrs, go home. saw a few 25th, they havin lunch too..haha..
i guess all ppl involved are very tired.
heard some ppl went home immediately and knocked out.
anyway, i also knocked out after unpacking my stuff and another shower.
14hrs of sleep!
(super long long long long long long long long long post.....)
loves commanche!


Smile always | 9:35 PM

Monday, May 25, 2009

went to do pw on sat in the lib
i was late again. so sorry:(
3 of us brought lappys and 1 guitar. like cool!
discussed abt our gpp and did complete most of the stuff,
felt so accomplished(:
toon jia's grp was also there with a missing member.
i pity them then, cos they had so so so much to do..
went lunch with hid while dorcas and julia left.
we talked (gossip) abt the funny things that happen to our class-31/09
the super funny and happening class(:
it was like so funny and we laughed for so long before heading back to the lib-to mug is jus doing hmwk. oh well well...
did some work before dad called and asked me for dinner.
like okay..gonna ps hid.

then on sun, went vivo to collect mayday concert tickets!
woke up late, so went there late and and and...
the queue was super super super long la!
took me like 2 to 3 hours to queue to get the seatings.
and i was like super hungry then, cos i didn had breakfast n it was like 1+pm..
so i went to buy subway while my sis queued.
then while queueing, we ate.
though not comfortable, but at least my hungry stomach is satisfied(:
then wanted to watch movie, but upon seeing the loooooooooonnnnnnnngggggg queue at the GV counter, forget it. let's not watch now, have to queue again and is expensive..
so went to buy choc and headed for grandma hse
the long-waited yumm yumm! haha(:
im a glutton!
play with my cousin, cos she was so sad and moody..aww...
brought her to walk around then a while later, she looks so much happier(:
finally was able to do my hmwk again:(
too much hmwk, couldn complete :(
then went home rather late and did somemore work until midnight..

good thing i didn look very tired and like zombie today...

had college day briefing jus now, came home, tired.
need to charge my batt soon..
tmr another briefing- AB camp.
would be more tired tmr i guess, cos gt pe and fewer breaks sobs:(

feel bad abt having to chg the interest grp meeting date time and again cos it seems like im the super busy one in the grp.
hopefully, we can get to have a proper meeting date which i wun clash again..

Smile always | 10:11 PM

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

went back AJ on sat for special olympics. supposedly 31/09 was to meet at mac's opp amk lib at 615, then in the end, only 5 out of 20 ppl turned up. feels so cheated. even the one who suggested woke up late and couldn make it. feels cheated. went to sku after breakfast, with the other 4 that turned up. event started at 9 plus and we had to reach at 715 n we did practically nth between 715 to 9. once again, feels so cheated. could have slept an hour or 2 more if i didn go for breakfast and reaching there so early.. im deprived of sleep.
my duty- finish line marshal- the high five ppl! haha(: did my duty with vincent and titus and a gal from 01/09. quite fun, but weather was damn hot that morning, sun was so bright and there wasnt any clouds to block off some sun:( chatted and chatted between the events. talked a lot. the gal wasn very engaging, i oso dunno why. lol. there wasn any shelter for the volunteers(us-aj students), wad if we got heat stroke or wadever illlness? then they have no volunteers. lol. the athletes are good in running. some of them are so pro. but then i feel a lil sorry for them, the sch made those really good ones to run for so many events that at the end of their 3rd of 4th event, they are knocked out-totally tired and some injuries like cramps. i think even professionals dun run 3 or more events in the same day within a few hr..well, good job!hope the one at nus on 7&8 june would be a success!! *will miss lecture cos of AB camp n special olympic*

went to the dialogue session in sengkang on sun (170509) morning. woke up early, tired. feels a lil cheated for reaching so early..had the session at anchor green pri sch, made me think back of my pri sku days..so adorable and sweet.. after that first dialogue session, then went to PA HQ for the second, about general elections. quite a fruitful trip, learnt quite a lot of things from that session, despite being tired during the Q&A. after that, we went national lib to discuss abt our interest grp stuff. i realised that im really bad at those brainstorming for names and stuff like that. but well, we did come to a consensus on the name, agenda and stuff we need to do..
despite i spent the whole day out and didn get to do much of my work, it was rather a good exp for me- weekends are not jus only tutorials, tv, but also smth quite enriching..(:

Smile always | 11:34 PM

broke down totally 2 weeks ago.
is like the worst week ever in my life.
didn have any passion, energy, mood to do anything at all,
jus feel like stoning there and stare into space.
didn want to think abt anything.
cos a lot of things happened during the past 2 weeks,
which affected me a lot - emotionally.

tests, people, incidents that happen around me, committments, etc etc..
i dunno where is the tipping point made me totally unlike myself for the few days-
in total emo, restless and lethargic..

perhaps not used to jc yet.
*that's like the 'n'th time i've seen this on blogs*
i guess this is so for most of us.
jc is rather different from sec sch,
more self-directed, yet more stressful.
mayb i'm jus emo-ing too much those few days,
cooping too much until i break down.
*time&stress management*

thanks a lot to ko,
always giving me support, listening ear, advice when i needed most.
thanks so much that i such a nice fren.
his words are full of power,
pulled me up from despair and sadness.

had very bad attitute those few days
thanks mummy and rowena,
for putting up with my nonsense, emo-ness, pessimistic comments.
i jus feel like a loser and crappy those few days.

sorry and thanks.


Smile always | 10:22 PM